Packing a nutritious lunch that your child won’t eat?

Packing a nutritious lunch that your child won’t eat

Are you packing a nutritious lunch that your child won’t eat? If you are focusing on healthy eating as a family, you might be packing a nutritious lunch for kids to bring to school or summer camp. That is a very important step of a healthy lifestyle, but what happens when kids won’t eat it? Here are 3 solutions.

3 Solutions when packing a nutritious lunch that your child won’t eat.

  1. Your Child Does Not Enjoy Their Lunch.
    Kids are not going to eat foods that are mushy, discolored, soggy or just unappetizing. When packing lunch, get your child’s input and find out why they do not like certain items. It might not be that your child does not like fruit, they just do not like brown apple slices. Instead, pack fruit that does not discolor easily.
  2. Be A Detective.
    Does your child enjoy their lunch on the weekends? Pay close attention to how your child eats when they are home. They might have more time to eat at home. If your child feels rushed at school, pack items that are easy to eat. A sandwich takes less time than soup, grape tomatoes are faster than an apple, and string cheese can be eaten quickly on the playground.
  3. Look at Packaging.
    Lunch boxes, thermoses and other packaging is not always made for small hands. When buying new lunch gear, test it out at home with your child to make sure they can open it easily. Kids often only have 20 minutes for lunch, and if they are struggling to open their lunch, it does not leave a lot of time to eat.

Through trial and error and a bit of detective work, hopefully you and your child can settle on a healthy lunch. Remember that if meals and snacks at home are nutritious, having a small lunch will not negatively affect your child. For more personalized advice, set up a free consultation with Dr. Karen at KareBoost Health.

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health