Quick Tips To Help Kids Maintain A Healthy Weight (Part 3)

In this third and final installment of this series of blogs, we will finish up our list of quick tips to help children maintain a healthy weight. Here we go!

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Look Out For High Fat
While recent research indicates moderate amounts of fat in a diet are not as bad as previously thought, diets that are high in fat can still lead to unhealthy weight gain. When choosing meat, look for leaner types of meat and leaner cuts. Dairy products can also be high in fat, so be on the look-out for lower fat versions of things like milk, yogurt, and even ice cream.

Can Sugar
Soft drinks and sweetened juices can be a big source of empty calories in the form of sugar. Limit soft drinks and other sugary beverages. Instead, try things like water or seltzer flavored with actual fruit or unsweetened ice tea.

Be Careful When Eating Out
Eating out can be a wonderful treat for adults and children alike, but it can be hard to be sure what menu items are healthy choices. Moderation is key here. Going out to eat only occasionally is a good start. Many restaurant portion sizes are very large, too. Consider splitting dishes or planning on bring food home when you go out to eat. When ordering delivery, order a few dishes to share and supplement your order with a salad or other healthy dish you can prepare while waiting for the food to arrive.
If you have your own tips that have worked for you and your family, please leave them in the comments below! Thanks for reading!
Andrea Berez, MS, RD, CSP
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