Reasons to Join a Walking Club

reasons to join a walking club

There are many reasons to join a walking club, but we will look at three today. Walking is probably the most recommended form of exercise, and for good reason. Walking is free, can be done alone and without equipment, and is also great for your health. With longer sunny days approaching, now is the perfect time to get into a walking habit. However, if you are tired or unmotivated, there are good reasons to start or join a walking club.

3 Reasons to Join a Walking Club

1. Be Accountable. Exercise is a lot easier when you have someone to keep you accountable. If you live in a neighborhood, try introducing yourself to your neighbors and forming a walking club. You could also form a group at work. If neither of those options are available, head to to search for a walking club in your area. You will be a lot less likely to skip your daily walk if you know a group of people is waiting for you.

2. Get Outside. Being outside has positive effects on health, mood, stress level and energy. Warmer weather is a perfect reason to start experiencing these benefits. Just make sure to bring enough water and wear sunscreen! Getting outside before, during or after work might give you some much needed relief from screens.

3. Socialize! Being social also has positive effects on our health. Forming a walking group is a great way to connect with people who share similar interests. You might find that your walking club becomes a source of support. Also, conversation makes time fly by! If exercise seems like a chore, surrounding yourself with people that uplift you can make all the difference.

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Karen L Leibowitz, MD
Health and Lifestyle Coach
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