Staying Connected While Social Distancing

Staying Connected While Social Distancing

Are you having a hard time staying connected while social distancing? It can be difficult to feel connected to others while we are working from home and only leaving the house for essentials. You may be missing friends, family and daily activities while still honoring the importance and safety of social distancing. (Or should it really be called Physical Distancing, NOT Social Distancing?)

Here Are 3 Tips to Staying Connected While Social Distancing

Reach Out
It is more important than ever to reach out to family members, friends and neighbors who may be struggling right now. A phone call/skype/facetime can all make a huge difference to someone who may be isolated and alone. Talking on the phone can also help us feel connected in a way that texting cannot. If you have extra time on your hands, try using this as an opportunity to speak with friends and family you have not connected with in a while. Now is also a good time to resurrect the lost art of letter writing. Writing letters is a great skill to teach kids while also reinforcing connections and social skills. Now is the perfect time for a pen pal!

There are many opportunities to learn a new skill online. One of the most positive benefits of the internet is our ability to connect with people around the world. Interested in learning a new language? Try an app that connects you with native language speakers around the world- you will practice language skills and also spend valuable one on one time with another person.

Make a Friend Date
Missing coffee or lunch with a friend? There are lots of ways to “meet” online or by FaceTime/Skype. Try scheduling a happy hour or breakfast on Zoom. Have a birthday party by sending friends cupcakes and eating them together through Zoom. Sign up to take a virtual class together- yoga is our personal favorite. While you will not be in the same room, you will still have a shared experience that you can reminisce about later.

Looking to try yoga with a friend?

Right now, if you both sign up for one of our virtual yoga classes, you both will only pay HALF PRICE for the class. Treat a friend or split the cost. Either way, it will be a fun and relaxing break. Visit our website to sign up or contact us for more information.

Karen L Leibowitz, MD
Health and Lifestyle Coach
KareBoost Health


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