Strategies to Eat Right At The Airport

Strategies to Eat Right At The Airport

Ever try to eat right at the airport? It is hard! Flying is stressful enough without worrying about staying on track with your healthy eating plan. Today, we will discuss 3 easy, simple strategies to help you eat right at the airport and on your flight. Try these healthy eating tips on your next trip!

3 Strategies to Eat Right At The Airport

  1. Security-Approved Foods. Airport food can be very pricey, and depending on the airport, healthy eating options can be limited. Pack foods that are light and pass through security easily. Nuts, homemade trail mix, popcorn, whole grain crackers, cheese and bananas will all make it through security. Because you might not be able to adhere to your regular meal time schedule while traveling, go for snack rich in nutrients and fiber to keep you satisfied.
  2. Healthy Food at the Airport. Nowadays there are many more options for health-conscious travelers. Look for snack with whole grains and fiber. Packages of nuts, hummus and crackers and fruit are usually readily available. You could also pick up a salad or veggie-packed sandwich to take on the plane with you.
  3. Hydration. The air on planes is very dry, and the stress of traveling can add to dehydration. Bring an empty water bottle with you. Many airports offer filtered water or a water fountain that you can fill up at once you are through security. Try to stay hydrated and avoid confusing thirst with hunger.

With these simple tips in mind, you can stay on track during your next trip. Preparation is key to stay relaxed, hydrated and full while traveling. Looking for more simple tips on staying healthy? Set up a free consultation with KareBoost Health today to learn more.

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health