Summer Clothing Tips to Keep Exercise Active and Safe

Summer Clothing Tips to Keep Exercise Active and Safe

Let’s look at some summer clothing tips to help you exercise in the heat. If you are new to exercise, getting started can be overwhelming. From coming up with a schedule to buying a new workout wardrobe, there is a lot to consider. However, your fitness wardrobe does not have to be fancy. If what to wear to workout is limiting your activity, keep in mind the most important criteria are that you are safe and comfortable. A good pair of sneakers and breathable clothing should be sufficient to begin.

Here are 5 Summer Clothing Tips to consider.

1. Shoes. Consider getting fitted by a professional at an athletic store, and choose a shoe based on comfort, not construction. A basic athletic shoe that fits well should suffice. Your feet may swell slightly during exercise, so you might want to size up slightly.

2. Fancy Feet. Shoes get all the workout attention, but socks can make a difference to your workout. Avoid blisters with double-layered athletic socks, and change shoes and socks when they start to wear out.

3. Stay Seen and Safe. If you are exercising outside and in the dark, it is important to wear reflective clothing. Attach LED lights or reflectors to your shoes, and reflective tape to clothing.

4. Easy Breezy. Choose moisture-wicking fabrics instead of cotton, and wear light layers to adjust to your changing temperature throughout your workout.

5. Protect Skin. Sunscreen and UV protective clothing are a must, especially in the summer. Wear thin layers with flat seams to reduce chafing.

Workout clothes do not have to be expensive or complicated. Keep these tips in mind, invest in a few quality basics, and get moving! At KareBoost Health, we believe a healthy lifestyle should be accessible and enjoyable. Set up an appointment today to find out more!

Karen L Leibowitz, MD
Health and Lifestyle Coach
KareBoost Health