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Steps Towards Becoming a Physically Active Family

Becoming a Physically Active Family

Are you taking steps toward becoming a physically active family? Physical activity is integral to health, and there are many small steps you can take as a family to increase physical activity and improve your family’s health.

Steps toward becoming a physically active family

1. Use What’s Available. Exercise does not have to be fancy be effective. Take advantage of the spring and summer season and step outside for a 30-minute walk before dinner. If walking in your neighborhood is not safe or possible, head to a local park or playground. If the weather outside is bad, start up an indoor dance party!

2. Find Local Resources. Check out your local library or community center for free or reasonably priced fitness classes. If you are interested in a certain class and it is not offered, suggest it!

3. Sneak In Movement. Little habits can make a big difference when it comes to your family’s health and wellness. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park far away when running errands and walk to errands that you can do on foot. Instead of worrying about fitting in an hour at a time to exercise, look at all of the five-minute chances you have throughout your day to sneak in movement.

4. Commit. Interested in taking a family yoga or gym class? Most gyms and studios will let you sign up in advance. Plan to take the class, sign up and pay in advance. Planning and paying in advance will decrease stress once you arrive and also motivate you to show up. Come check out our yoga classes at KareBoost

5. Make movement fun. Instead of chore Saturday, make cleaning into one big dance party. Throw on some fun music and assign age-appropriate tasks to family members. Ordinary chores and activities can become opportunities for movement.

6. Turn off the TV. Commit to time each week without screens. Perhaps start with one afternoon a week, and gradually increase it to one day a week. You might be surprised at how much easier being active is when there’s no TV, games or phones around to distract.

7. Respect Family Members. Maybe you love to play team sports, but one child cannot think of anything worse. Instead of making one family member miserable and potentially turning them against exercise for life, listen to them and find activities that they like. Not everybody has to like everything but include some activities for each individual family member so that movement stays enjoyable, and exercise becomes something to look forward to, not dread.

Interested in becoming a physically active family? Come work with our Health Coaches to figure out how to get your family more active or make an appointment with our Fitness Coach.

Dr. Karen Leibowitz
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health

5 Simple Ways to Move More

ways to move more

Are you looking for ways to move more outside of your regular fitness routine? Taking exercise classes and working out is fantastic, but when you are short on time or resources, adding more movement to your daily routine can make a big difference for your health. Here are five simple ways to move more during your daily routine.

Let’s Explore 5 Ways to Move More

1. Park far away
If possible, walk to more of your errands. Depending on where you live, driving or taking public transportation might be your only option, but you can park far away. Examine your routine and see how you can possibly add in more walking to the errands you already do.

2. Take the stairs 
Always take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, if possible. Taking the stairs is a simple way to add in more movement without adding in a lot of time. You might even save time by not waiting for the elevator!

3. Communicate in person
Instead of picking up the phone or emailing a colleague, walk down the hallway and speak to them in person. On a phone call with a family member or friend? Instead of sitting and talking, slip on your shoes and head out the door. Those five or ten minute conversations can add up to serious movement throughout your day.

4. Make changes at work
If your work environment is open to ideas, suggest walking meetings instead of sitting in a conference room. Changing up the actual pace of the meeting might mean more alert colleagues and increased creativity.

5. Schedule a movement date
Already have a standing coffee date with a friend? Once a month, why not make it a walking date instead. Or switch out movie night with your significant other for a hike, walk in the park or dance class.

Adding small movement breaks to your day can add a major contribution to your health. KareBoost Health is here to support you on your journey towards wellness. Come in, take a class or give us a call to find out how we can help you be healthier.

Greg Bing, M.Ed., ACE Certified Trainer, Youth Fitness Specialist
Behavior and Fitness Coach
KareBoost Health

3 Reasons to Try Strong by Zumba

strong by zumba
Maybe you are already an avid fan of the Latin-dance based cardio workout known as Zumba.  Or maybe you actively avoid the class due to a fear of public dancing.  Whether you love to Zumba or you have never tried a Zumba class before, the new Strong by Zumba class might just be for you!  Read on to understand more about this new class and find out if it might be the class for you! 
  1. It Is Not A Dance Class.  Strong by Zumba is a high intensity workout set to music.  Expect traditional strength moves, such as planks, burpees and lunges. “We have spent years bringing outsiders into the fitness world by making exercise enjoyable through music,” says Zumba CEO Alberto Perlman. “We want to use our expertise to introduce a completely new concept of interval training that uses synced music motivation.”  Each movement is done in sync with the beat, which adds a fun factor and keeps things moving.
  2. Mix Up Your Routine.  If your regular routine is full of Zumba, which is a great cardio workout, Strong is a great way to add in strength training without going too far out of your comfort zone.  If you are just looking for a good strength and high intensity interval training workout, Strong is a fun and welcoming introduction to this type of workout.  And after a couple Strong classes, the original Zumba classes may not seem so intimidating! 
  3. Enjoy Exercise.  Zumba is a hit class partially because of the warm, non-judgmental environment fostered in class.  If you are new to exercise, Strong is a great way to start bodyweight training.  Even group class professionals will love the supportive, positive attitude that Zumba instructors and trainers are known for. 

KareBoost Health is now offering Strong by Zumba.  Whether you are an avid Zumba fan or new to exercise, come in and try this fun, upbeat bodyweight workout! 
Kara Unal, JD, RYT
KareBoost Health