The “Crunch Effect”

​Who would think that listening to the sound of your own chewing, chomping and crunching, can deter you form eating more?!  Well, Brigham Young University Professor of Marketing Ryan Elder and Gina Mohr of Colorado State University conducted a recent study in the Journal of Food Quality and Preference, showing the link between the sound of eating and how much you eat.
            In the study, people ate pretzels while wearing headphones playing either loud or soft music.  The researchers discovered that people in the louder noise group ate 4 pretzels compared to 2.75 for the quiet group.  As Elder states, “It’s this idea of creating more mindfulness during consumption, getting people to think about their eating sounds, which also led to reduced consumption.”  The morale of the story is that this subtle cue may not be the magic answer to your weight worries, but it certainly can’t hurt.  It also supports other weight management recommendations to avoid distractions while eating, such as watching tv and other screen time…smart phones, tablets.
Andrea Berez, MS, RD, CSP
KareBoost Health