Three Ways to Find Balance

Three Ways to Find Balance

Balance is important for life and exercise! Ideally, a healthy workout routine includes four types of exercise: strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. Balance training is essential to preventing falls as we get older. Here, 3 ideas to include balance training in your workout.

Three Ways to Find Balance

  1. Add in Yoga. Yoga is a fantastic practice that includes many balancing poses. If you are new to yoga, find a class that is beginner or senior appropriate. Teaches will utilize walls and chairs to help you safely find balance. You can also practice yoga online or through a DVD, but working with someone will help you find the most benefit.
  2. Try Tai Chi. Tai Chi is another slow-moving practice that incorporates balance training. Try adding in a yoga or Tai Chi class at least once a week and practicing balance a few days a week at home.
  3. Move at Home. Practicing balance is simple. Try standing on foot, then the other while talking on the phone or brushing your teeth. Again, support yourself with a chair or walls if this is difficult. Lower body strength exercises will also improve your balance.

Yoga is effective because it combines strength, endurance, flexibility and helps you find balance. Ready to get started? Join us for a beginner-friendly class today!

Kara Unal JD, RYT
KareBoost Health



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