Three Ways to Relax in Nature

Three Ways to Relax in Nature

How often do you relax in nature? Spending time in nature provides important health benefits. Evidence shows that time in nature can reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mental well-being, and increase feelings of happiness. Here are 3 easy ways to start spending more time outside.

Three Ways to Relax in Nature

  1. Take Your Workout Outside. Spending time at the gym is great, especially when you are on a tight schedule. However, try taking your workout outside once a week. It can be as simple as a walk in the neighborhood park or taking the whole family out for a hike. Find a place with nice scenery and try leaving the electronic devices at home.
  2. Pack a Picnic. Pack your favorite healthy goodies and head out for lunch in nature. The promise of a picnic might even get your family to take a walk with you after! Leave electronics behind and consider packing crayons and paper instead- kids can draw what they see.
  3. Step Outside the (Office) Box. If you work in an environment that encourages it, consider proposing walking meetings. Get everyone outside for a stroll around the block. You might be surprised how much work gets done when you take a break from the office.

These are some simple ideas to inspire you to get outside, but you can use any opportunity you like to spend time outside! While exercising outside is positive, remember that relaxing in nature without devices encourages mental well-being and reduces stress as well. Let us know your favorite way to enjoy nature!

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health



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