Tips for a A Healthy Workout Routine

Tips for a A Healthy Workout Routine

Making a healthy workout routine part of your daily life will ensure that you get it in! Moving more frequently is an excellent way to improve your help. It is generally recommended that adults get 150 minutes of exercise per week, and kids get 60 minutes of movement per day. 

Here are 3 steps towards making a healthy workout routine

1. Make It Well-Rounded.

A healthy workout routine includes aerobic or endurance exercise, strength, balance and flexibility. Keep in mind not everything has to be done every day! Instead, plan your workouts out for the week so you get a mix of all four types of exercise. This will also keep workouts interesting and keep you from getting bored!

2. Start Small.

You can break up the recommended 150 minutes into as many small segments as you would like. Perhaps you start with a few 10 minute walks per day, plus a 20 minute weight lifting session twice a week. Make sure your plan for the week also includes rest days. It is important to set realistic, attainable goals.

3. Commit.

Making a workout plan is a great first step to making sure you fit exercise in. However, really commit to your plan by writing it down and checking your work. Look back at your previous weeks- did you end up completing your workouts? If not, examine what got in your way. Perhaps you need to exercise at a different time or make a plan to work out with a fitness buddy.

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Karen L Leibowitz, MD
Health and Lifestyle Coach
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