Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

Looking to have a healthy holiday season this time around? The holiday season can make healthy eating difficult. Between work parties, family events, vacation and special seasonal foods, the holiday season can trip up the healthiest eater. However, don’t stress! Here are 3 tips to simplify your holiday eating plan and sustain the success you have established all year round.

Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

  1. Stay Satisfied. Deprivation is nothing but a recipe for disaster. You might think that you will save calories by depriving yourself all day and indulging at that family dinner later, but this is a surefire way to feel terrible and most likely eat a lot more than planned. Instead, stick to balanced meals filled with whole grains and produce before the big event. You will have enough energy to get through the day and make good food choices.
  2. Plan for Indulgence. Food is a lot more than just calories. It plays a big part in many family traditions, and we often have an emotional connection to the foods we grew up with. There is nothing wrong with this, and the holidays are a wonderful time to honor those traditions. Indulging in a few childhood favorites is not going to ruin your healthy eating plan. If you are really concerned, identify the dishes that are important to you. Acknowledge that you will be eating those important dishes and cut out the more mindless indulgences.
  3. Take Control. Worried that your family will not have any healthy foods on the table, or that work party will be a feast of meat and cheese? If it is appropriate, bring a dish that you have prepared. It can be as simple as a fruit or vegetable tray. If you are meeting at a restaurant, look at the menu online. Most restaurants are happy to accommodate dietary needs, but if you know that you will be dining in a large group, call ahead to make sure that your needs can be met. This will also reduce your stress ahead of time.

For more tips on surviving and thriving through your holiday season, set up a free consultation today with KareBoost Health. A change in lifestyle is easier with support, and we are here to support your needs throughout the year.

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health



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