Tips to Talk to Kids About Hunger Signals

Talk to Kids About Hunger Signals

Part of developing a healthy relationship with food is being able to accurately identify and respond to the body’s hunger signals. Many adults struggle with this. Today, we will discuss three strategies to use when talking to your children about food and hunger. With these three tips in mind, you can help them develop lifelong healthy eating habits.

Tips to Talk to Kids About Hunger Signals

  1. All Kids Can Benefit.
    Reacting appropriately to hunger signals is not a skill only for children struggling with their weight. All kids experience hunger and need your help in sorting out how to respond. Helping kids to develop healthy eating habits will serve them long after they grow up. While reducing obesity is one goal of a healthy lifestyle, it is not the focus or sole purpose of teaching kids healthy habits.
  2. Model Behavior.
    Parents are the first and most important influence in their children’s lives. This includes diet! If you want your children to have a good relationship with food, examine your own. Even if you are still working on developing healthy habits, your children will notice and follow.
  3. Have Honest Discussions.
    While you can, and should, set ground rules around food, listen to your child’s opinions and feelings. If they tell you that they really do not like spinach, instead of trying to force them to eat it, ask what other vegetables they would eat instead. Encourage kids to try new foods, and focus on the positives. Consider having your children get involved in planning out the menu for the week and preparing the dinners.

With these three strategies in mind, you and your family can approach food and diet in a new, positive way. KareBoost Health is here to support you on your journey towards wellness.

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