Upgrade Your Morning Routine with Mindfulness

Upgrade Your Morning Routine with Mindfulness

You probably already have a morning routine. It might include coffee, breakfast, reading the paper and getting ready for work. Adding in mindfulness practices to your morning is a great way to upgrade your routine. Morning is often the easiest time of day to be quiet, as your brain and body are fresh. Practicing mindfulness in the morning also sets the tone for your day. Here are 3 short mindfulness practices to try in the morning.

Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine with Mindfulness

Breath. Before you even get out of bed, take 2-3 minutes to simply notice your breath. Your eyes can be open or closed. Notice the feeling of your inhale and exhale- does it feel easy to breath? Notice the length of your inhale and exhale- does one feel longer? Notice what moves as your breath in and out- where do you feel the breath in your body? You can try placing your hands there. This simple noticing practice centers your mind and helps you tune into the sensations of your body.

Journal. There are excellent journals on the market that offer mindfulness prompts, such as asking you 1 simple question a day. You can also just spend a few minutes writing down how you feel or what you notice that day. Try writing down something that you are grateful for every day for a month. Just try to avoid making a to-do list!

Yoga. Add in a quick 5 or 10-minute yoga practice to your morning. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Pick 2 or 3 poses that you love and spend a few breathes in each. There are also many apps and videos that offer short classes. If you attend class once a week, this is an excellent to start incorporating more yoga and mindfulness into your daily life.

At KareBoost Health, our yoga classes are perfect for beginners and students looking for mindfulness practices. We can help you.

Kara Unal JD, RYT
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