Ways to Eat Mindfully this Holiday Season

Ways to Eat Mindfully

Do you try to eat mindfully? How about at the Holidays? The holiday season can be an especially difficult time to stick to your healthy eating resolutions.  However, you can enjoy your favorite foods and still have a healthy diet. Mindful eating and paying attention to what you eat can help you to maintain your healthy eating resolutions this season and avoid drastic New Year resolutions.  

Here are 5 ways to Eat Mindfully 

Eat Mindfully by Eating when you are hungry

Paying attention to your body’s signals will help you eat only when you are hungry.  We often mistake thirst for hunger, and tracking water intake can help you control portions.  Also, you do not need to eat according to the clock, or when everyone else is eating. Eat lunch when you are hungry, not just because it’s noon.  

Eat Mindfully by Slowing down

It takes time for your body to communicate to your brain that you are full.  Slow down and enjoy each bite. You might be surprised how a few forkfuls of your favorite dessert is really all you were craving.

Eat Mindfully by Just Eating

Turn off the tv and put down the cellphones while you are eating. Limiting distractions will help you to pay more attention to your body’s hunger signals, and help you enjoy your food.

Eat Mindfully by Planning 

Waiting until you are starving is almost always a recipe for disaster.  Plan healthy snacks that are about 200 calories and have fiber to keep you full between meals.  You will make better food choices in the long run if you are not starving by the time you get to dinner.

Eat Mindfully by Keeping a food diary

Writing down what you eat is a great way to become more aware of why you eat.  You might observe how stress affects your diet, or even boredom. A food diary is not meant to make you feel bad about your diet.  It is simply a tool towards becoming more aware of your food choices.

Eating healthy during the holiday season can be difficult for everyone.  Being more mindful can help you to enjoy celebratory meals, while still honoring your decisions to eat well.  If you would like more support this holiday, try working with our Health Coaches at KareBoost Health.

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD

Health and Medical Coach

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