Ways to Help Kids Learn Portion Control

portion control

Portion control is a fundamental part of any healthy diet. However, portions in restaurants and homes have increased, and the food industry serves more food than necessary. Large portions can lead to being overweight, and many numerous health problems. We all tend eat as much as what is put in front of us, so learning proper portion size is essential. Teaching kids about portion control will set them up for healthy eating for life!

3 Portion Control Tips

1. Serving Sizes and Recommended Amounts. If you have been reading food labels, you are one step closer to establishing healthy habits! However, serving sizes are not recommended amounts. A serving size is simply telling you how many calories or nutrients are in the particular amount of food. For foods that are high in fat or calories, a serving size can alert you to have a small portion. Conversely, you could easily enjoy more than one serving of fresh vegetables, as vegetables are high in nutrients and low in calories and fat. For more information on recommended amounts of food, visit choosemyplate.gov.

2. What to Look For. An easy way to work on portion control is to imagine a plate divided into four equal sections. Use one section for protein, one for a whole grain starch, and the other two for fruits and vegetables.

3. Tips for the Whole Family. Here are some simple ways to start teaching good portion control. Serve meals on small plates! Small plates will make portions look larger, making you feel full. Let kids snack on fruits and veggies. It’s difficult to overeat fruits and veggies. Give kids healthy options, and let them fill up on nutrient rich produce that is low in fat and calories. Sit down for meals. Put the electronics away, and let everyone feel full before serving more food.

If you are now curious to learn more about portion control, consider meeting with our health coach. Our health coach can provide even more resources and help you figure out a healthy eating plan that works for the whole family.

Dr. Karen Leibowitz
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health


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