Ways to Overcome a Fitness Plateau

Ways to Overcome a Fitness Plateau

Hitting a fitness plateau can be frustrating. Perhaps you feel like you are repeating the same exercises, or you have stopped making progress towards your goals despite exercising and eating well. While challenging, remember this is a positive sign that you are making progress in your program.

Here are 3 ways to overcome a fitness plateau and keep up the good work.

  1. Increase Your Workouts. Examine the workouts you have been doing and look for areas where you can do more. You could increase frequency if you have time, doing 4 workouts a week instead of 3. Short on time? Increase the intensity of your workouts but keep the length the same. Look for 65-90% of heart rate max, or within the target heart rate range for your age.
  2. Change It Up. If your workouts are primarily cardiovascular, add in some weight-training once or twice a week. Try a different cardiovascular exercise, like swimming. Add variety by trying a mind-body class, such as yoga. Yoga helps to develop balance, coordination and better breathing, all skills important for good movement.
  3. Have Fun. Setting and meeting goals is good for you and often feels fantastic. However, try not to lose sight of the other benefits of exercise. If you spend most of your workout time by yourself, try meeting friends for the occasional walk. Hiking with your family or even throwing a ball around after dinner are great ways to have fun, connect with people and enjoy healthy movement.

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Karen L Leibowitz, MD
Health and Lifestyle Coach
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