Ways to Stay Active in Bad Weather

Ways to Stay Active in Bad Weather

It can be hard to stay active in bad weather. As the temperature drops and the days are darker, it can be more difficult to keep up with the activity of warmer weather. However, with some tips and tricks, you can stay active and healthy during winter. Here, 3 ways to get through those winter days.

Ways to Stay Active in Bad Weather

  1. Be prepared. You can get outside during winter, but it takes a little preparation. Having the right gear can make all the difference. If you are committed to winter walks and hikes, make sure that all family members are bundled up in proper coats, gloves, socks, hats and layers. Even though it’s cold and you probably will not sweat as much, make sure that hydration needs are still met.
  2. Go With the Flow. Make the best of the season. Exercise does not have to be formal to be effective. Get everyone outside to make snow angels and have a snowball throwing contest. If it is too cold outside, turn up the music and clean the house. This could also be a great opportunity to spend time together in the kitchen whipping up healthy meals.
  3. Have A Backup Plan. Sometimes you will not be able to get outside and having a backup plan can help. Maybe join a gym over the winter months or look for an exercise class you can take together as a family. Family yoga or dance could be a great option. Find creative ways to stay moving- even just walking around the mall a few times will keep everyone active.

With these tips in mind, you can stick to your healthy goals over winter and be ready for spring. At KareBoost Health, we believe that everyone can have a healthy lifestyle, and we are here to help you find it. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

Karen L. Leibowitz, MD
Health and Medical Coach
KareBoost Health



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