Yoga Techniques to Manage Stress

Yoga Techniques to Manage Stress

You can use yoga techniques to manage stress. Learning to manage stress is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. While a little stress can be beneficial and lead to growth and learning, too much stress takes a toll on our bodies and minds. Yoga can be an excellent way to address stress.

Here are 3 yoga techniques to manage stress. Try them the next time you experience unnecessary stress.

  1. Breath Awareness. Simply becoming more aware of your breath can reconnect you with your body. Find a place to sit comfortably. If possible, close your eyes. Notice your breath moving in and out. Try placing one or both hand on where you feel your breath in your body. Stay here for 5 cycles of breath and repeat as often as needed.
  2. Body Scan. Noticing sensations in the body can make us more aware of where we experience physical stress in the body. Sit comfortably in a chair or lie down on the floor. Close your eyes and notice what parts of your body you feel touching your chair or the floor. Notice if you feel tension in any areas of your body, or if anywhere in your body feels very relaxed. Try to just observe physical sensations without making judgements.
  3. Imagery. While not strictly a yoga technique, imagery can be a very powerful tool to reduce stress. Like the body scan, begin by sitting comfortably or laying down. Close your eyes and notice how you feel. Imagine that you feel very relaxed, like you are floating in a pool or on a fluffy feather mattress. Imagine how your body would feel and allow your breath to move in and out. Stay here picturing this positive image for as long as you like.

Ready to learn more? Our yoga classes welcome all students, including beginners. Yoga can be an effective way to manage and reduce stress. Sign up for a class and start a healthy habit today!

Kara Unal JD, RYT
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